So I have been trying to figure out what my problem is lately and I realized that I need a release. ūüė¶

I have been having serious writer’s block. I can’t seem to get my thoughts to flow properly. Who knew sexual frustration would be linked to this. But it has to be…because why else would I be so stuck? I have walked away from it to see if that would help…and nothing. I get maybe a sentence or 2 out and that’s all. I have been working on one piece for about a month and I can’t seem ti make it work…I feel like a really big O is preventing me from letting my thoughts flow freely. It’s going on 2 years since I had any REAL release…I think I need to fix that.



Did We? I Just Can’t Remember

So what do you do when you bump into someone that you had an experience with … but you can’t seem to remember ever having that experience?¬† What does that say about the experience? Here is the story (not my story, but I thought I would share)….
A girlfriend of mine was dating this guy and it went south pretty rapidly…so courtesy of facebook¬†she found interest in someone else pretty fast.¬† They started out just exchanging messages a few times a week, to talking on the phone all night (you would think she was a teenie¬†bopper¬†right…wrong).¬† Oh…quick fact…they live about 1000 miles away from each other.¬† Ok so after a few weeks of talking all the time on the phone the facebook¬†status changes ūüôā (I find that so silly, but that is just me…I don’t need all of my facebook friends/family to see what relationship I am in or not in…again, that’s¬†me).¬† During the course of one of their phone conversations he goes on to say they had a sexual past,
Back in High School, you came over that day. Don’t you remember?
Hmmm…obviously not…is that a sign?¬† I don’t know how he or she could want to be involved with the other…you have had sex in the past, yes it has been quite some time ago, but damn you don’t remember.¬† As the man, I would take offense to that, either the sex wasn’t that good (which is a deal breaker for me as a female…hello sex is not everything but let’s be real, it does matter) or you are just out there and have slept with so many people you just can’t remember.¬† Now again, don’t get me wrong, I have had an encounter or two¬†that I did not remember, not for lack of enthusiasm or fun, but because I had way too much to drink…but at some point it hits you like a ton of bricks…oh shit did I do that…yes doll you absolutely did…and then you move on.
Any thoughts?

Friendly Exes

One of the topics this morning on the radio (while driving in to the office)¬†was…

“Do you remain friends with your exes?”

I do…in most cases.¬† I am a relationship whore…I have been in relationships constantly since HS.¬† I have¬†hardly had breakups that was so terrible I felt we couldn’t be friendly.¬† One ex in particular has been my best guyfriend¬†since we broke up…we don’t call and text each other all the time, because lets face the facts his ex and my ext did not care for that.¬† So¬†it was¬†more like when we need each other we know we are there.¬† Now that we are not attached anymore, we talk more frequently, check up with each other via text, FB, etc.¬† Its funny because all of his exes hated my guts, mind you none of them ever met me…yes I know ladies hard to hold a candle next to the one who stole his purity ūüôā¬† but give me a break…that was eons ago.¬† His last girlfriend was the only one that did not have a problem with him being friends with me.¬† Other than him I am not quite sure I am friends with anyone else…not because of anything in particular, just because we lost touch.¬†

My most current ex…we have to be friends, we have two girls together…even though at times I wish I did not have to speak to him at all.¬† He would be the one that I would never speak to again.¬† We did not break up on bad terms…I was pretty okay with him leaving to move back home (NY)…just after he left he decided to show his true self.¬† If he would just be good to my girls I would not be so angry with him. We were together for so long, I know him better than he knows himself sometimes and that is so unfortunate.¬† I just wish he would get it together so we can be friendly…there is nothing worse than parents that can’t stand each other, and I don’t want to be that…I grew up with that and it was not fun.

What do you think, is it possible to be friends with exes?