I Went Back

I’m back.  I went to NY for the weekend to surprise my bff.  Her husband was throwing her a 30th birthday party and I went up. It was great, I had a good time and got to spend time wit my two best friends.  Which is a task since we all live in different cities, me being the furthest away.  She was totally surprised and it was an amazing night. Very proud of her hubby 🙂  All night I kept hearing OMG you look so good, you look great, etc.  All I kept thinking to myself (as I said “thank you”) was damn was I really looking bad. 

Needless to say 40lbs down really makes a difference, plus the 6″ heels adding length to my little frame.  I tell you what though, it felt good. 

Saw my ex for 10 minutes…lol and that was more than enough.  He just irritates my damn nerves, so I made sure I saw him first before the party so I could have a good time for the rest of my 48 hour trip. 

And that I did 🙂