Why Can’t It Always Be As Easy As Elementary School?

Remember when life was as easy as waking up…grooming ones self…going to school…socializing/learning…waiting for someone to ask you to be his/her girlfriend/boyfriend via a note folded 4 times with a yes, no and maybe box for you to check.  That was how easy it was to get a boyfriend/girlfriend.   Now…days are so jam packed its almost impossible to have a conversation with another adult…none the less a date.  Now…we must be on facebook, twitter, and all the other social networking sites, we must go speed dating, we must go to online dating websites so find someone that may or may not be as fake as the picture they got from google images…but we do it. Why?  Because of the need for another adults companionship.  When you work 40+ hours a week (not including the commute), and have children to raise alone where do you go to meet anyone, when do you even have the time?  The few places you do end up…you have the kids…so really where do we meet?  The choices are: the supermarket, church, target, the park, in traffic or at work.  I have a problem with all of these places…I don’t want to meet you in the supermarket for fear you may judge me by what is or isn’t in my cart, as I will you…church is too close to home and they are all so gossipy…target has the same implications as the supermarket and I am pretty sure I have way more personal items in my cart at target…the park is a problem because either you are there with your kids, which I want no parts of the baby momma drama – and if you’re not there with your kids WHY ARE YOU ON THE DAMN PLAYGROUND!!…lets see what is wrong with meeting someone in traffic – EVERYTHING what are we gonna do get out of the car and chat or scream phone numbers from the open windows…work we all know is a hit or miss situation and if its a miss it sure can make things awkward.

There were no expectations back then…just to walk around school and hold hands and tell everyone that the other is your bf/gf…maybe sneak a kiss in the stairwell but that was it.  No pressure. Now….what aren’t they expecting.  I know I have a checklist as I would hope he has…what’s on my checklist you ask?  Good credit, nice car, good job, savings, own something (house, condo, co-op, etc.), handsome, funny, family oriented, outgoing, motivator, good in bed, etc…IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.  That is a lot to expect  from someone you don’t even know…so what happens when you find someone that is really handsome and that is all he has to offer…of course off first look…and a few dates you don’t know that he isn’t everything you need him to be…what do you do after time has passed…do you settle? Do you shrug it off and start the game over? What happens to all the time that we waste, dating people that are not good for us. Nothing happens … that’s the problem, we waste all this time and in the end we just get older making harder to find the “right” person because now that we wasted time with Joe, John, Mark, etc…we have found more things to add to our list of expectations.  And now that we are getting older and the time is still ticking away it makes for us to make hasty decisions regarding our hearts because who wants to grow old alone…who wants to wait until they can’t have kids to have them?  Wasting all of this time is forcing us to find love, get engaged, get married and have kids all within a two year time span…why? Because we have wasted all of this time…because the world is different…the world is on speed. Every time you logon to a social networking site someones status changes from “single” to “engaged”, from “engaged” to “married”, from “whatever” to “it’s complicated”…there is a button for everything. Dating websites find people for you based on what you put in its database…lets all hope what you put is indeed factual, because when/if we do meet in person I don’t want to see a beer belly when your current photo has you with rock hard abs.

Three more clicks people and I might just hit the jackpot…