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Did We? I Just Can’t Remember

So what do you do when you bump into someone that you had an experience with … but you can’t seem to remember ever having that experience?  What does that say about the experience? Here is the story (not my story, but I thought I would share)….
A girlfriend of mine was dating this guy and it went south pretty rapidly…so courtesy of facebook she found interest in someone else pretty fast.  They started out just exchanging messages a few times a week, to talking on the phone all night (you would think she was a teenie bopper right…wrong).  Oh…quick fact…they live about 1000 miles away from each other.  Ok so after a few weeks of talking all the time on the phone the facebook status changes 🙂 (I find that so silly, but that is just me…I don’t need all of my facebook friends/family to see what relationship I am in or not in…again, that’s me).  During the course of one of their phone conversations he goes on to say they had a sexual past,
Back in High School, you came over that day. Don’t you remember?
Hmmm…obviously not…is that a sign?  I don’t know how he or she could want to be involved with the other…you have had sex in the past, yes it has been quite some time ago, but damn you don’t remember.  As the man, I would take offense to that, either the sex wasn’t that good (which is a deal breaker for me as a female…hello sex is not everything but let’s be real, it does matter) or you are just out there and have slept with so many people you just can’t remember.  Now again, don’t get me wrong, I have had an encounter or two that I did not remember, not for lack of enthusiasm or fun, but because I had way too much to drink…but at some point it hits you like a ton of bricks…oh shit did I do that…yes doll you absolutely did…and then you move on.
Any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Did We? I Just Can’t Remember

  1. wow…I can’t say that I’ve had “that” type of experience….there have been plenty of times where rum has caused me to forget sex the night before….or even breaking a bed during sex where I’ve had to ask..”um hey, what happened to the bed”? yeah….sometimes it’s not pretty but if I’ve been “carnal” with a girl and I ‘ve seen her out and about, I remember everything about her… smell of her favorite perfume, how hot her shower is, what she likes in bed, her favorite foods… how do I remember? i profile them carefully…no two women are ever alike… so they deserve a memory stamp… I remember the first girl I ever kissed…. she was a tramp….named Candi… yeah… I was 5…she kissed everyone after me…damn tramp…


    • LMAO…you sound like a good time. I love that you realize no two women are alike, sad to say that after a long night of drinking I am the one that does not remember the details… lucky for me I haven’t had many of those nights 🙂

  2. It’s pretty embarrassing that she doesn’t remember but I wouldn’t see that as a sign they wouldn’t be good together now they’re more mature – in high school who was actually skilled in that department? Not a good sign I admit, for instance I’d be worried if he had me confused with someone else!

  3. I find that as my memory dulls for a variety of reasons, I just keep finding new friends all over again! Admit the memory failure (syntax errror in your programming), laugh, and get to know each other again. If they are worth the time, they’ll laugh with you. If not, you have another thing to blog about. Win-win, right?

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