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I Went Back

I’m back.  I went to NY for the weekend to surprise my bff.  Her husband was throwing her a 30th birthday party and I went up. It was great, I had a good time and got to spend time wit my two best friends.  Which is a task since we all live in different cities, me being the furthest away.  She was totally surprised and it was an amazing night. Very proud of her hubby 🙂  All night I kept hearing OMG you look so good, you look great, etc.  All I kept thinking to myself (as I said “thank you”) was damn was I really looking bad. 

Needless to say 40lbs down really makes a difference, plus the 6″ heels adding length to my little frame.  I tell you what though, it felt good. 

Saw my ex for 10 minutes…lol and that was more than enough.  He just irritates my damn nerves, so I made sure I saw him first before the party so I could have a good time for the rest of my 48 hour trip. 

And that I did 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Went Back

  1. I hope you were looking ‘hot’ when you saw him.
    In my experience, you may not be able to change the past, you may not even want ‘him’ anymore and had been the one to walk away, but still it feels pretty good to see him and rub it in, “Na..na..na..na..na… Doncha wish your girlfriend was h-o-t like me?”
    Some of my best moments have been showing ex’s just how badly they messed up and what they lost.
    Glad you had a great time at the party.

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