Online Dating

Ok, so I bit the bullet and signed up for a dating website.  Never did I think I would but it is not that bad.  Honestly it is about all I have time for right now anyway.  So I signed up yesterday and already have a few people messaging me…which is cool.  I guess this is a great way to weed out the ones I would not deal with anyway instead of wasting time physically dating and being upset when they are not what you expected. 


Gift for the Ungiftable

There is always someone in the family who I can’t figure out what to get them for Christmas.  I am almost done with all of the shopping for the girls…one more online experience to go.  But what to get for this person has been bothering me for weeks…why?  Because she is the most unappreciative person, she seems to always have an issue with the gifts people give her and mind you she is an adult, not a spoiled little child.  Last year she was upset about a gift she got and I thought it was a cute gift, but the funny thing is she isn’t quiet about not liking the gifts.  She is very vocal about it, which drives me crazy…what happened to saying thank you and walking away?  The other issue I am having with giving this gift this year is that she still owes me a significant amount of money, so what do I do? 

I am getting her something, I just don’t know what she wants or likes at the moment so hmmm…

Almost Over

I love the holiday season, I just honestly HATE that they don’t allow us to enjoy one at a time.  Before we even carved our pumpkins the Christmas decorations were out.  Before we carved our turkey the damn Christmas music was on the radio…the stores opened for sales on Thanksgiving night…and the day after Thanksgiving when I was laid up on my sofa for the whole day watching TV (most enjoyable moments I have had in a while) I couldn’t even enjoy a lifetime movie because they were all Christmas movies and I refused to watch.  Now that it is December 1 I don’t mind hearing an occassional Christmas song and seeing lights up…

December already…seems like I just watched the ball drop welcoming in 2011, now we are getting ready to go cut our Christmas tree down so we can start celebrating.  I am happy and sad to see the end of another year…happy because I am healthy and have a great family, sad because its another year gone by and I am getting older, my girls are growing up so fast right before my eyes, its so crazy.  Now it is time to start thinking of new New Years resolutions for 2012, it is always difficult because it is hard to find things that actually are attainable, I don’t want to say I am going to stop cursing, because them someone does some asshole thing and there I am cursing again, I eat pretty healthy already so I don’t want to give up any foods, I don’t smoke, I drink socially (unless I am stressed I will have a glass of wine at the end of the day)…what can I resolve to do for 2012.  I can’t really make next year about me because I am a single parent…how selfish would that be, maybe I can resolve to travel more…lol that would mean I need to have disposable money (which I don’t have)…hmmm what could I resolve to do?

I have been focusing on  my health a lot this year and its good…I am very proud of myself…I lost 40lbs and have 8-10 more to go by December 31…so 31 days of ass kicking workouts and eating right.  Thank goodness I didn’t get crazy with Thanksgiving food…loved it but ate it (mac & cheese, turkey, greens, yams, stuffing, corn bread…I am getting hungry just thinking about it) and went right back to my salads 🙂  I dropped 2 pants sizes comfortably and I have gotten way more active than I ever had since high school.  I used to hate to sweat and now it doesn’t bother me so much at all…I am very proud of what I did for ME…

What are your resolution ideas?

I Went Back

I’m back.  I went to NY for the weekend to surprise my bff.  Her husband was throwing her a 30th birthday party and I went up. It was great, I had a good time and got to spend time wit my two best friends.  Which is a task since we all live in different cities, me being the furthest away.  She was totally surprised and it was an amazing night. Very proud of her hubby 🙂  All night I kept hearing OMG you look so good, you look great, etc.  All I kept thinking to myself (as I said “thank you”) was damn was I really looking bad. 

Needless to say 40lbs down really makes a difference, plus the 6″ heels adding length to my little frame.  I tell you what though, it felt good. 

Saw my ex for 10 minutes…lol and that was more than enough.  He just irritates my damn nerves, so I made sure I saw him first before the party so I could have a good time for the rest of my 48 hour trip. 

And that I did 🙂

I Can See…

My birthday present this year for the big 30 was…drum roll please…LASIK.  I got it done the Saturday after my birthday and the next day I was totally fine.  After 2 checkups (already) my vision is better than 20/20 with both eyes open 🙂 That is like the best news I have had in a long time.  They say I should be completely healed up in 2-3 months, which is great because I will be great before Christmas.  It just feels so weird to not have glasses on, I do things and catch myself trying to push my glasses back up on my face. LOL they are not there anymore 🙂  I think the best part about all of that is that I can wake up in the mornings on Saturday and watch TV without reaching for the damn glasses on the night table…oh and the fact that you can actually see my eyes.  Already so many people have asked me if I wear contacts now because no body really knew what color my eyes were with those stupid glasses in front of them…It’s GREAT

Dear Ex

Dear Deadbeat Asshole:
I have given you ample time to get your shit together and be a good dad to your beautiful daughters.  I have waited for months for you to even acknowledge that you have 2 beautiful daughters that want and miss you dearly.  Unfortunately, you mistook my kindness for weakness and oh how wrong you are dear ex…so wrong that as I write this letter your child support enforcement papers are sitting next to me waiting to be filled out and guess what? They are next.  I tried to be a civilized adult and work out a payment agreement and visitation without going to court to have some stranger tell you how much time you should have with your girls and how much money you should be sending to them regularly.  A little bit of change every 6 weeks or so just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Your kids need to eat, they need school clothes, school supplies, a place to live with heat and air conditioner…bottom line is they need things to survive and they were born to 2 parents not 1.  I am doing my part to the best of my ability and I probably don’t even need your little bit of shit you want to send whenever you want to send it, but that is not the point.  The point is you created 2 children and your ass is going to take care of them one way or another…too bad you couldn’t be a damn man and do what you needed to do for them on your own. Karma is a big assed bitch so be very careful buddy.
Your Very Proud Mommy of 2 Ex
P.S. You have not taken anything from me…you have only improved my resume, now I can add Proud Father of 2 Amazing girls raised by no one but me 🙂  Thanks