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Gift for the Ungiftable

There is always someone in the family who I can’t figure out what to get them for Christmas.  I am almost done with all of the shopping for the girls…one more online experience to go.  But what to get for this person has been bothering me for weeks…why?  Because she is the most unappreciative person, she seems to always have an issue with the gifts people give her and mind you she is an adult, not a spoiled little child.  Last year she was upset about a gift she got and I thought it was a cute gift, but the funny thing is she isn’t quiet about not liking the gifts.  She is very vocal about it, which drives me crazy…what happened to saying thank you and walking away?  The other issue I am having with giving this gift this year is that she still owes me a significant amount of money, so what do I do? 

I am getting her something, I just don’t know what she wants or likes at the moment so hmmm…


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