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Dear Ex

Dear Deadbeat Asshole:
I have given you ample time to get your shit together and be a good dad to your beautiful daughters.  I have waited for months for you to even acknowledge that you have 2 beautiful daughters that want and miss you dearly.  Unfortunately, you mistook my kindness for weakness and oh how wrong you are dear ex…so wrong that as I write this letter your child support enforcement papers are sitting next to me waiting to be filled out and guess what? They are next.  I tried to be a civilized adult and work out a payment agreement and visitation without going to court to have some stranger tell you how much time you should have with your girls and how much money you should be sending to them regularly.  A little bit of change every 6 weeks or so just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Your kids need to eat, they need school clothes, school supplies, a place to live with heat and air conditioner…bottom line is they need things to survive and they were born to 2 parents not 1.  I am doing my part to the best of my ability and I probably don’t even need your little bit of shit you want to send whenever you want to send it, but that is not the point.  The point is you created 2 children and your ass is going to take care of them one way or another…too bad you couldn’t be a damn man and do what you needed to do for them on your own. Karma is a big assed bitch so be very careful buddy.
Your Very Proud Mommy of 2 Ex
P.S. You have not taken anything from me…you have only improved my resume, now I can add Proud Father of 2 Amazing girls raised by no one but me 🙂  Thanks

4 thoughts on “Dear Ex

  1. Ooooh…I wish I would’ve had a blog when my kids were younger. I’d have torn mine a new asshole also. Good for you, babe!
    Sadly, they never went after mine the way they were supposed to, I couldn’t afford to hire an attorney, and he never actually started paying anything till they were grown. WTF? The clown was only supposed to pay $350 a month for two kids! Yep, he owed me damn near the price of a kidney by the time I finally started getting something. Funny, but for the past several years he’s been begging me to write it off. Yeah….as if! I take great pleasure in knowing that every week his ass puckers when he looks at his check knowing that $40 of it is mine (once the kids are grown any back support is made in payments of half what they owed a month…sigh). I can live with that. And the father thing you mentioned…both my two oldest kids still call ME every ‘Father’s Day’. Somehow that’s payment enough.

  2. Writing that post must have felt good. I just hope you get some results from the courts. Deadbeat dads are an epidemic, it’s sad to say. I applaud your courage and gumption to be both parents. I’m sure your girls are better off.

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