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Single Girl Planning

So as many of you know I am a single gal in a world where it seems like I am the only one (in my circle of people), but O well who cares.  I usually don’t care until its time to do some planning. 

I know its early but I am already planning my trip for the summer of 2013…yes 2013, why you may ask?  I am going to Paris 🙂  My older cousin’s husband is French/Polish and they are going to Paris to renew their vows for their 10 year anniversary and there is no way I am missing that opportunity.  So I am online looking at all the hotel choices, and trying to figure out where I can go while on that side of the world.  I have already decided I want to take the train to London, I would love to visit Germany (so I can see where my dad was born), Italy and Spain are on my to do list (been to Spain and absolutely loved it), but the number 1 place I want to go to while on vacation is Greece.  

So while doing research to see what is the best way to travel over there from country to country and trying to figure out how to start and finish the trip, do I want to stay in one country and do others by day or do I want to do a few days in each country???? I think I want to do a few days in each country but we shall see how affordable that is.  It is while looking at all the pretty countries and lovely hotels that I realized I do NOT want to go to The Most Romantic City in the World ALONE.  I want to walk through the city holding hands and enjoying the sights with someone other than a family member or a good friend.  I want to wake up in the arms of a good man after a night of incredible vacation sex.  For this trip, I want someone with me, someone that I could possibly love, and that can possibly love me.  It may be too soon to count me out in that department…but honestly do you take that kind of trip with someone you have been dating less than a year? 

The other part of me is quite fine going to Europe as a single girl…who knows I might meet my Prince Charming over there…or at least have a green card love affair.   🙂


2 thoughts on “Single Girl Planning

  1. I say why not…although for knowing him that little of a time, maybe it would be better if he paid his way over there. You don’t want him to think he can get money out of you anytime. You never know what will happen know till 2013. I met my husband and exactly 6 months later we got married. It is like a roulette game, you have to take chances, but also keep your guard up to not fall for the ‘right’ guy. If you have a high list of standards for a guy and still haven’t found one, maybe you should revisit this list and see what is an absolute compared what is wanted. For example you will definitely want someone that is great with kids and ready to be there for you and the girls…but if you want someone that looks like a model…well you can have both (unless you are lucky) I love my husband to death. But I didn’t want a short (shorter than my ‘type’) and a hispanic. I wanted a 6 foot + white guy. Yeah those…treated me like crap. I hope you do find happiness, because I think you deserve it. :0)

  2. what makes you think you’re not lovable? i find you enticing…amazing, a thinker who is witty and whom I could imagine eating something amazing sharing every bite you wanted from my plate… apply yourself woman…. take that from a man who has lived a million dreams, been every place i’ve nearly eever wanted to be… life is amazing and you’re on the right path to wanting a life you can share with another amazing person….


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