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Vacation or Staycation???

My big birthday is coming up sooner than later.  The original plan was for us to go to Vegas, then I took my car for service and left with $1600 worth of work that needs to be done (luckily not all at once).  So I have started to think about having a staycation, maybe get a nice hotel room downtown and have a fancy dinner, go out, maybe a pole dancing class and wine tasting. 

Thoughts anyone…please help!


6 thoughts on “Vacation or Staycation???

  1. I think a staycation would be great and less expensive. Although Vegas would be fun, but when funds or lack there of…a staycation is good…oh and happy early birthday. Hope you have a great day that day. :0)

  2. I think that treating yourself well anywhere is the best gift you can give yourself. If you can do that near home and save money, go for it. If getting away is the only real way to relax, then do that.

    So often we put ourselves last on our priority list. Put yourself first and the rest will take care of itself. Don’t go crazy, of course, but pamper yourself within your means and you’ll have birthday memories well worth the remembering.

    • Thanks I couldn’t agree more. I know if I end up in Vegas I will do everything but relax…so maybe staying close to home will be good and who knows maybe I can meet someone interesting 🙂

  3. Meh….you should come here…I have an extra apt you can just crash at…it’s beautiful and stuff…. oh and you should bring single lady cousins, sisters and freidns who are looking for incredible romance…lol…

    There you have it…good guy putting up the offer to you and your peeps…


  4. ooooohhh well I’m here the offer stands…sometimes, you’ve just got to look at this big picture of hey, I need a break and I’m taking it…

    Life is good.


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