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Coloring Outside the Lines

My whole dating life I have dated similar types of guys.  Not in looks, nothing physical was the same about them at all besides they have all been the same race.  They all had very similar personalities, especially when I got out of my bad boy phase.  Oh the joys of being a girl in the dating world…

After the bad boys I went on to date the athletes…and I never really left them behind.  Whether they were playing professionally, in college awaiting the pros, or playing for fun every single chance they got, I have been dealing with the same type of guy.  So I guess that particular type of guy is inside of the lines in my coloring book…big, black (or brown) and athletic. 

Not that I am totally giving up on coloring inside of the lines, but at this point in my life I am trying to figure out why I have mentally closed doors on the rest of the male population…so my goal is to color outside of the lines for a while … and who knows I may end up staying outside of those lines.

Have a great weekend 🙂


One thought on “Coloring Outside the Lines

  1. Love the new look. And yes I totally understand…my type of guy is tall, white, blonde hair, blue or green eyes, skinny like a model, abs that I can do my clothes on for days. But I married, a shorter, hispanic, black hair, brown eye, and not skinny but gives me a good pillow when needed. The type of guy I liked, all those treated me like crap and were so damn up tight or plain jerks. Then I went outside the lines and found and fell in love with my husband that I have now. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s just a game of roulette that we would rather not play anymore. Good luck to you though. :0)

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