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Math or English?

I finally made a decision to have teaching as my back-up plan…to teach.  If so I would hope to be teaching by January 2012.  I was talking to my cousin this weekend and she thinks that I should teach middle school instead of elementary.  So after thinking about it some more I kind of agree…so now the question is whether I teach Math, English or Science.  The only Science I would not mind teaching is Biology (which I don’t believe they offer until High School), I love Math but it has changed so much and English, which was my minor I think I would love, until it is time to grade papers.  Either way I am going to have to brush up on some things but I am leaning heavily toward English.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Math or English?

  1. Math is my worst subject, even though my dad and mom were math genius and my aunt was a math teacher…but still managed to fail it. :/ Good luck on whatever you choose. :0)

  2. Math is the key to the universe..it is a universal truth which cannot be changed… Toni…..wow…never figured you for that name… interesting to say the least…

    English can be taught to anyone…Math requires more, but gives you more in the end for the challlenge…


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