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Are You Really Listening To A 5 Year Old

As I sit and think about what is currently happening in my life and what has happened in the past I realize that I go through phases not knowing … doubting myself without even knowing it.  Most recently I realized that I have not done what I thought I would have done with my life … to date.

When I was a child around 5 years old my parents would ask me…”What do you want to be when you grow up?” My silly answer was “A doctor and a lawyer.

Unfortunately I did not take the medical school or law school route but the most unfortunate part of this is that it was what my parents really expected.

A child has concept on what they should be as an adult…the many twists and turns life takes you through. I went through all of my school years getting very good grades, and when high school came around I had a social life and got good grades…great right?  Not so much, those words stated as a 5 year old were still haunting me through high school, so what did I do my first year of college when my counselor asked me to declare a major…Pre-Med please…Ha!!  I hated it so much I didn’t go to class, didn’t want to read 300 pages a week for one class when I had 5 classes…needless to say I changed my major my Sophmore year. Too bad the damage was already done…Senior year I ended up taking and doing very well on the LSAT exam but realized I didn’t want to go to law school, not right away anyway.  So after having jobs in different functionalities I returned back to school to become a nurse…or to try to become a nurse.  So instead of being 8 years into my career I am waiting to start my career.  Somedays I wonder if I should just take the test to become a teacher down here…so many ups and downs in my head but I know what I want to do I just hate that I have to wait to do it…

Instead of wanting to please everyone around me instead of myself I should have taken time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life…then maybe…just maybe I wouldn’t be such a mess today.


3 thoughts on “Are You Really Listening To A 5 Year Old

  1. Yes ma’am, you have to do what you want to do. You can’t please everyone. Just yourself to better yourself for your babies. Good luck in your journey that you want to search for that will make YOU happy. Oh and everyone has that ‘wish I didn’t do that path’ moment. I know I do and did till I recently decided to go to school after graduating high school 11 years ago. Again good luck. :0)

  2. Boy I felt that! Hit me square between the eyes it did. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about what I could’ve done with my life, what I settled for, and yet what I still might have if I could get off my dead, lazy ass and make it happen. For me, the only thing I ever…EVER…wanted to do was write. Sadly, I never believed in myself enough until just six months ago to share it with anyone else. Almost 49 and wondering how long it’s going to take me to be someone when I grow up. At least you have a plan. A plan is a good thing!

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