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One Gone…One More To Go

So I put my oldest on a plane yesterday morning New York bound. She was so grown up, she got out of the car, gave me a hug and kiss, gave her sister a kiss and a wave and took her suitcase and book-bag and headed in.  She didn’t even look back, I was so sad and proud at the same time. That was me at 7…traveling alone and loving it.  She loved flying to NY, she said she had a blast.  She loves visiting her grandpa since he treats her like a queen…today she went to the garden with him, then left him in the garden and went on a field trip to Central Park…he called me to tell me how impressed he was with her, that she was all grown up and independent. So that’s the one gone…in about a week and a half the other will be going to NY with their father…then I will be all alone 😦

Alone is good…I am counting down. I can’t wait to go to an adult movie (not PG), go to a restaurant without a kid menu, and the most anticipated HAPPY HOUR!!!

It is so sad that I have to wait for them to go on vacation for me to do things without them.  But I have to take it when I can get it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “One Gone…One More To Go

  1. Enjoy your time alone and make the most of it. I’m counting down the months till that rotten kid of mine turns 18. I done already told him whether he’s still in school or not, he straightens up or he’s out on the street (not that he gets in any trouble, but is a spoiled, mouthy mess). I am woman hear me roar. Now if I can just stand behind it, and not end up ‘meowing’.

    • That is exactly what I plan on doing. It will be refreshing to relax and not have to cook if I don’t want to, not get out of bed if I don’t want to. 🙂

  2. Thanks for subscribing to my blog!

    Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to be alone so you can do all the things you wanted that no one else wanted to do with you 🙂 As far as the movie goes though, I’m the opposite…I wish I had kids so I could go to all the PG movies I’m too embarrassed to go to alone! hehe.

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