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The Close Talker

Why do some people find it necessary to get really close to you when they are talking?  I have contact with a person that doesn’t say anything from a distance.  Most people I encounter on a daily basis say hello/good morning from a distance, or in passing down the hall.  Not this person…he has the need to get very close to say anything.  It drives me CRAZY…mind you I am already crazy in my own head…why would someone want to add to that?  The other day I was saying hello and he stopped…mid-stride…to walk very close to me almost touching my being to say hello…Needless to say I am a female, so you know what he was almost touching…

Have you never heard of personal space?

Does anyone else have a close talker?


4 thoughts on “The Close Talker

  1. Wanna know what’s worse than that? Drunk males when you’re bartending who think they know you well enough because they are your customers to wave you over to them before they leave, pull you close, give you a bear hug, and slur/spit whatever they’d been drinking on you while telling you that you’re their favorite. Yippee-skippee for me! Can you bank that flattery into a tip, cheapskate?

  2. No I don’t. I tell people who are in my space, to back up and mind my space. I hold out my arms and say ‘This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine.’ Of course they look at me cause we are obviously not dancing. I often quote movies a lot, but they get the point. :0)

    Now the drunks that come up to me to ‘try’ to get my number, I either say ‘No thanks’ or ‘I’m married’ and if they don’t get the hint I just give the ‘come and save me’ eye to my husband. When he starts walking towards me, then they get the hint. My to be this beautiful…HA I’m just joking about that. Hehehe :0)

    But I do hate not having my space. Even sometimes with my husband I just want my space.

  3. OMG..I love my “personal protection bubble” anyone who enters it better be naked and smelling amazing…. =)

    If i’m hot? Even a beautiful girl isn’t getting too close without me pushing them away… being hot natured has it’s downfalls!

    Life is amazing however and as much as I love to spoon and cuddle and all of that, I’m a guy and i only have a certain amount of time i allow in that “too close” zone…hehe


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