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What is all that RED…

Ink that is.  This morning on my way into the office I was listening to the radio and the topic of discussion was about teachers not being allowed to grade test/papers in red ink.  ARE THEY SERIOUS? The thought behind this is that it is too overwhelming for the kids to see their work written on in red, also that other students can see their grades easier…no its not the fact that the teacher puts a big fat A, B,C,D, or F on the top of the page…is it me or wouldn’t a kid be able to see the grade no matter the color of the ink. 

I had my tests and papers graded in red and it made no difference to me, if I got a 50 out of 100 I would have been disappointed regardless of the color of the ink the 50 was written in.  Soon enough kids are gonna have pretty purple ink saying 60% GREAT JOB, next thing you’ll know is that teachers won’t be allowed to grade papers at all, as long as its done … hey, you pass.  What is the big deal, these kids need to strive for more and if it is the red ink that makes them do so then what is the big friggin deal.

I think the parents that keep cottling their kids and not making school a priority … you know you have that big game this week so don’t study just practice … are the ones to blame for all of this.  

Do you really think it is the color of the ink on the graded that assignment that is the problem or the fact that the kids don’t study anymore and think school is just somewhere to hangout with friends until its time to go home…let’s focus on the bigger picture here people.

Had to get that out. 🙂


3 thoughts on “What is all that RED…

  1. Wow I totally didn’t know this…and you are right…no matter the color of the pen the grade is still there. I don’t like how most of these kids are being cottled and getting away with stuff…what happened to the old fashion way. That is why these kids are the way they are. Spoiled, unappreciative, disrespectful, beings that I just want to give a slap or punch to the parents. There is a difference between abuse and discipline. I know this is coming from me who doesn’t have kids. But I hope when we do finally become parents that we will teach our kids and not cottle them to be bad. WOW what has this world come to…seriousl?!?! :/

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