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Quick Fix

If I could snap my fingers and be made over…or if I could completely afford a massive makeover I would change my stomach…having kids really kills the abs (unless your famous, or a serious athlete), my thighs…the upper thighs, my ass and boobs would totally get lifted…and I think that is it. Considering I live in the real world and none of that is going to happen overnight I guess I will keep working out and eating right.


5 thoughts on “Quick Fix

  1. Dream of Jeannie…folds arms and nods head…DAMMIT!!! Nothing happened. I don’t have kids…but I have gained some weight…my pants are not fitting me anymore and I totally REFUSE to get a size bigger. So I started exercising again (I hate exercising) but I gotta do it. So hopefully I will get to a ‘decent’ size again. But I just know…as soon as I have a slammin bod I will be pregnant. But that is what me and the hubs have been trying since the beginnig for, so I guess it will be totally worth it. :0) But with everything listed above…they have some clothing that will ‘hide’ or give some ‘lift’ to. but I know seeing it, just makes you want to scream. Good luck on everything. :0)

  2. I know how you feel, to an extent, though I’m probably that annoying 20-year-old who’s nitpicking minor details that mothers with children hate!

    I also think it’s important to remember what wonderful gifts your body has givne you and continues to give you and to really question why it is we all feel such an insane need for perfectly flat abs. Honestly, very few people (mothers or not) have them, and there is no real reason to! That being said I wish you luck in striving for a healthy lifestyle 🙂

    Also thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog post!


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