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Pre-planning Sucks

So much for planning. I had this whole day planned…fun in the sun…go swimming, go shopping, go to grandma’s house for a BBQ, then home where the kids would pass out because they played all day in the sun. The day started out right…we got up went shopping, went swimming for about an hour…just as we are showering … …I literally have to jump out of the shower, throw on my bathrobe and run out into a natural shower just to close the windows in the car. So now I am back in the house finished my shower and sat down to eat my lite lunch…power goes out…back on…back out…back on. About 4 times…each time it takes 3-5 minutes for the Directv to reboot…thank God for DVD’s. So instead of enjoying the sun today I am enjoying my couch. Watching a movie, drinking my wine and on the laptop… let’s see how much more of this I can take without one of these…


3 thoughts on “Pre-planning Sucks

  1. Sorry your day hasn’t gone as planned. Life happens….

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Freshly Pressed post earlier this week. I appreciate your kind words.

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